Seated Buddha ~ Tibet, 14th Century

Gilt Bronze

On long term loan from a private collection to the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

This fourteenth-century sculpture from Tibet shows the Buddha in meditation, touching a finger to the ground in a gesture known as the bhumisparsha mudra, which signifies his calling on the earth to witness his enlightenment. The bhumisparsha can be seen as an instance of meta-architecture, a moment in which the entire universe becomes organized around a single act of awareness.


Shelly Ross teaching: Yoga for Stress Relief and a Better Nights Sleep

The Yoga & Movement Center is pleased to announce teacher Shelly Ross on Tuesday nights @ 7:30pm. Her class is centered around deep relaxation and stress release. On a Tuesday night you can find Shelly holding court and adjusting bodies.  She is a masterful and skilled teacher with years of experience. Shelly has over 700 hours of Yoga training and over 25 years of experience in movement and dance. She was twice voted “Best Nia Teacher” by Diablo Magazine. She is dedicated to her daily practice of both Yoga and Nia. Shelly leads retreats in both North America and South America, and has the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life at the Claremont Resort and Spa where she has worked for 20 years. Shelly is a confident teacher who understands the body-mind connection. She continues to take trainings and workshops to deepen  her understanding about the effects of stress on the body. In Shelly’s words “Our evening class prepares us to settle down, slow down, open up and release tension. It is my honor to work with your bodies through my many years of body knowledge. This is a gentle class appropriate for everyone. Being gentle with yourself allows gentleness with others. Come join us and find peace on your mat.”  

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm



Shelly Ross, two time winner of the Best of the Bay Nia Teacher (Diablo Magazine), answers some Nia questions from her own perspective.


What is Nia?

Whenever I am asked the question I always have a little smile on my face and think to myself “huh? You don’t know?” Nia has been around for 30 years! Two creative movement geniuses came together and decided that fitness should/could be fun and joyful. No more “no pain, no gain.” Brilliantly, Nia discovered that once you become body aware, pay attention, and become mindful of the body you are working with at the moment, you could sincerely fall in love with getting fit and healthy, and experience what Nia calls the “Big J” - JOY!. Simply put, Nia is a sensory-based fitness and wellness program. What we know about the body is that it has a voice and that voice is sensation. Nia teaches you how to listen so that sensation can become pleasurable and lead you into the idea of falling in love with moving your body. Ideally, it is called the Body’s Way.

What can I expect in a Nia class?

Nia classes are done barefoot and you can expect to start “feeling” your feet or what Nia refers to as your base—at the foundation of it all. Nia classes have a wide variety of music to move to and the teacher sets a focus for the group. Staying within that focus, we can become intimately associated with that intent. You can expect to search for and seek pleasure in all your movements and a opportunity to connect to a community of like-minded individuals that have a desire for personal expression and reaching their highest potential.

What if I have an injury?

Principle # 7 of the White Belt training teaches us about the 3 planes of movement and the 3 levels of intensity. The 3 planes of movement encourages you to move your body through the 3 physical planes. Generally speaking you can get a sense of what plane works best for your body and you stay within that framework. The 3 levels of intensity refers to moving through 3 levels of exertion. YOU get to monitor your movement; having choice also increases your confidence and power.

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