Shelly Teaches Yoga!

Yoga Classes
Mondays6:00 pm*YogaSquare One Yoga Temescal 4689 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
Tuesdays6:15-7:25 amActive YogaClaremont Hotel & Spa and Resort
(classes not open to the public)
Tuesdays10:45 amGentle YogaVita Yoga
6034 College Ave, Oakland
Tuesdays7:30-8:30 pmYoga for a restful night's sleepThe Yoga & Movement Center and Resort
1379 Locust St, Walnut Creek
Wednesdays 7:00 am*YogaSquare One Yoga Temescal 4689 Telegraph Ave, Oakland

*Both of these classes can be modified for any level

Yoga Retreat in Tulum 2015
Yoga Retreat in Tulum 2015
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Best of the East Bay
Best of the East Bay

Seated Buddha ~ Tibet, 14th Century

Gilt Bronze

On long term loan from a private collection to the University of California, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive.

This fourteenth-century sculpture from Tibet shows the Buddha in meditation, touching a finger to the ground in a gesture known as the bhumisparsha mudra, which signifies his calling on the earth to witness his enlightenment. The bhumisparsha can be seen as an instance of meta-architecture, a moment in which the entire universe becomes organized around a single act of awareness.