just before i read your email i was sitting here writing and listening to fields of gold. i am about to give my first reading today, and i start crying, feeling something very profound shifting and releasing. i felt it during class today as well and know that it’s connected. 

just wanted to share this with you! i loved the class today. 

thank you for holding that space. 


Shelly’s yoga classes are 70 minutes of calm and focus and strength building. Much physical effort is required. The mental effort of stillness and focus happen effortlessly for me in her classes. She creates such a haven of tranquility that my usually chattering mind quiets. The mental peace that happens to me in her class is delicious and addictive. When we reach Shavasana, I feel complete rest of body and mind. Taking that out into the world, to my family, to my work, I feel sustained and rejuvenated.

—Jennifer Tenney MD

Shelly is truly a wonderful yoga instructor. She always has YOU in mind–so that she can offer you her very best but always reminding us to be mindful of our own body. She reminds us that we are all different and that we all come from a different place but here we are today practicing yoga together but as individuals. Shelly’s class always comes with a purpose. That purpose can be about the season, it can be about a mood,  it can be about focusing on a particular body part, it can be about being grateful to all the people and animal friends we love, it can be about those who are less fortunate, but there is always a positive focus. And somewhere in her practice, Shelly can be quite humorous. Her humor can throw you off or it can come at a perfect time when you just need to laugh. That reminds you that Shelly is human like the rest of us. Namaste.
— Patricia

New to yoga…wasn’t sure it would be for me..however, after trying just one class with Shelly..I LOVED it Shelly is terrific and I feel extremely invigorated afterwards.
— Diana

Claremont Member

Shelly , Our Nia class this morning was a deeply spiritual experience for me. I’d like to share a couple movements of God’s spirit. 1) when you guided is to look at our hands as mirrors, I saw the face of people I am struggling with, and visualized them as God sees them. Truly beautiful. 2). In the end, while on the floor, God showed me the same people as babies, receiving all the love they needed. I also saw myself as a baby, getting all the love I need. It was a very emotional experience and now I know how to pray for them and for me. Thank you so much for your usefulness.
—Tenderly, Tonde

Thank you for being the best yoga teacher ever!
—Anna Lewis

Claremont Resort and Spa member

Shelly’s yoga class has been the perfect, mind, body and spirit class I needed. She allows you to work at your own level, while guiding you to combine breath and movement, to create a body that develops flexibility and a mind that is calm and connected to the present moment. She has been an inspiration and a guiding force in my yoga practice. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing her for over 15 years, as a Nia instructor and the last few years, as a yoga instructor. She continues to inspire everyone that she meets and her classes reflect her inner spirit.
—Marsha Louie

I have had the privilege of taking NIA classes with Shelly Ross for more than 20 years and she is, bar none, the absolute best NIA teacher! Shelly brings a unique combination of skills and abilities to every class: a deep understanding of the routines and nuances of the NIA philosophy, expertise in the physical body, and a welcoming space for every student, no matter their experience level or limitation. Her generous heart, genuine warmth, and clear, easy to follow instructions make her classes pure joy. Don’t wait. Come join us.
—Ina Pockrass

Co-Founder, Eco Dentistry Association

When coming down to the Bay Area for a month of house sitting, I had to find Shelly and dance Nia with her again. It had been several years since I had the opportunity to do that. She is the best! All the joy came back for my mind, body and spirit once I was dancing in her classes. But the most important thing that happened this trip was hearing again the coaching she gave about walking heel first, and rolling the foot to the toe. I shared that coaching with my husband, who hurt his foot several months ago and could not walk much anymore, as the pain had not gone away. He tried walking heel to toe, rolling the foot, and the pain immediately went away. He was so grateful to Shelly for passing on that coaching in her dance class. We are now walking the Lafayette Reservoir every day with the dogs! Thank you, Shelly!
—Lynda and Paul

Hi Shelly! tonight in class I was over-whelmed @ points w/gratitude! Gratitude that I found you out of all the Nia classes I looked into & made such an amazing connection. gratitude that I am healthy & strong & can move my feet, arms, legs & all the rest of my body however I wish. I have been struggling lately, body issues etc etc blah blah. Tonight just made me SO GRATEFUL to be me!
—Rebecca Ward

For the last ten years, your classes have been my lifeline to strength, vitality and groundedness. You always give me a thorough and fun workout, leaving me tired, relaxed and renewed.  More than that, the music, the moves and your wonderful energy lift my spirit.  THANK YOU!!!